LT Clement residency
Artist John Clement discussing sculpture with a third grade class during his residency in 2014.

The mission of the The Carol Shen Gallery is to enrich, diversify, and broaden the artistic experience of the Packer community. Through exhibitions, gallery talks, and visiting artist programs, the gallery provides thoughtful and thought-provoking visual arts experiences.

As a teaching gallery, the Shen Gallery directly serves Packer students from Pre-K through Upper School. The gallery allows students to discover interdisciplinary connections between visual art and their studies in the sciences, the performing arts, world languages, mathematics, history, and literature. Throughout the school year, Packer’s in-house Museum Educator Liz Titone supports visiting classes as they engage with the exhibitions intellectually and experientially, through the lens of each class’s area of study.

Read about the Carol Shen Gallery in the winter 2015 edition of Packer magazine here: PACKER-Magazine-Winter-2015-Art-Seen-From-Many-Angles

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