About Agnes Lee

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I use various materials, techniques, textures, colors, points, lines and Chinese words to create a picture. It tells a piece of my feeling, my memory, or well wishing and prayer. It is my self reflection in action. 我用畫材,技法,質感,色調,點,線及字的組合,訴說一份心情,一段回憶, 或是一種祈願和祝福,是自我反思的流動。

Agnes Chung-Fung Lee, Ph. D.

By Shiang Yu Lee, Ph. D.

Dr. Agnes Lee was born in Chongqing (Chungking) China right after World War II ended. Her family moved to Hong Kong in 1947 where she received her early education in a Catholic girl’s school. They moved to Taiwan in 1958 and she attended the Taipei First Girl’s Middle School (Bei Yi Nui) in Taiwan.

Agnes graduated from the Tamkang University in 1966 and received her Master’s and Ph. D. degrees in Physical Chemistry from the Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia. Dr. Lee then engaged in biomedical research at the University of Iowa for ten years. She joined the Consolidated Bio-Medical Lab in Wichita, Kansas, which later became Roche Bio-Medical Lab and subsequently Lab Corp of America. Dr. Lee retired in 2003 as the Vice President for Operations responsible for the Mid-Land Division of eleven states based in Kansas City, Mo. The most rewarding work for her was helping the Tzu Chi Organization to establish its Bone Marrow Registry in Taiwan, which has since helped hundreds of lives.

Because of her love of arts, Dr. Agnes C. Lee co-founded the ArtPlus Partners, an art consulting and service company after her retirement. Since then, ArtPlus has helped many local and Chinese artists by organizing art shows and participating in competitions. During this period, Dr. Lee served on the Advisory Board of Seattle Asian Art Museum.

Agnes has fallen in love with arts ever since her grade school years when Sister Yen taught her the way to do pencil sketches. She loves to learn all different painting techniques and coloring contrasts. Equally, she loves to learn the story behind a painting, it’s reflection on the culture and social contexts of the time the works were created. After retiring from the professional career, she has traveled extensively through Europe, visiting museums and reading about artists and their works.

After trying out various forms of painting techniques by herself, Dr. Lee began taking lessons from Mr. Deng Zuolie, renown local artist for Chinese traditional paintings two years ago. Her diligence and devotion is reflected in the selected paintings displayed in this show. Meanwhile, she also studies acrylic and mixed media paintings, mono-printing as well as beeswax encaustic techniques with Tracy Felix Fraker and April Richardson.

Dr. Agnes Lee believes that the strength of her life lies in faith and love and the way to happiness is through hard work and good decisions. She also believes that a home decorated with real art works will bring harmony and peace to the family, a true purpose of good Feng-Shui.


Agnes has been very involved in learning painting techniques the last several  years: traditional Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, the use of mixed media and monotype printmaking.  Through this evolution she realized that it is very important to make her own visual statement, her own unique look.  She has always loved Chinese poetry and evolved her own statement with that as the background subject matter, to make a very impressive and contemporary statement.  There is a very exciting use of ambiguity with the tight web of calligraphy of black linear detail, over various ground colors.  She has created a very exciting image for us all to enjoy.

Matt Timo