Get Inspired! Recommendations from the Technically Beautiful Curators.
This list is a living document and will grow over time. Suggestions are most welcome!



Stephanie Woldum
Read about this artist/educator’s popsicle sculpture project

Malke Rosenfeld
“Math on the Move – Engaging students in Whole Body Learning”

Talking Math with Kids
A site for families  

Bridges (Organization) – producers of the annual Bridges Conference
“The Bridges Organization oversees the annual Bridges conference on mathematical connections in art, music, architecture, education, and culture.”

A treasure trove of ideas

Math Munch
Weekly posts of three interesting topics from the “mathematical internet.”



Mathematics + Art: A Cultural History
Lynne Gamwell

Patterns of the Universe: A Coloring Adventure in Math and Beauty
Alex Bellos and Edmund Harriss

This is Not a Maths Book: A Smart Art Activity Book
Anna Weltman



Sally Finch
Elaborate drawings based on data calculations and algorithms.

Margaret & Christine Wertheim
“The Crochet Reef project resides at the intersection of mathematics, marine biology, handicraft and community art practice, and also responds to the environmental crisis of global warming and the escalating problem of oceanic plastic trash.”

Louise Despont
Intricate, ethereal drawings inspired by patterns and grids.

Alfred Jensen
“Jensen’s intricately organized diagrams reflect his distinctive conceptual approach, begun in the late 1950s when he started to refine his wide-ranging studies of systems and philosophies—from theories of color and light, mathematics, and the Mayan calendar, to scientific formulations—into multicolored checkerboards.”

Haeley Kyong
“My paintings are inspired by a lifelong passion for color and form. I have always been attracted to simple geometric shapes, and the essence of my work is the language of dimensional reduction.”

Nathan Selikoff
Fine artist playing at the intersection of interactivity, math, and code.

Jane Wafer
[Wafer’s] latest body of work explores the connection between mathematics, aesthetics and natural forms.
Knitting by Numbers – Sculpture series

Piet Mondrian
The grandfather of geometric painting.
View an inspired lesson on calculating perimeter with Mondrian’s paintings here.

Frank Stella
Irregular Polygons: An abstract expressionist interpretation of form.

Sol Lewitt
Lewitt’s wall drawings are un/parallelled.

Chuck Close
Close builds his iconic paintings through a signature grid system where each square is individually marked, corresponding with a cell marked in his photographs.
* Note: This site contains nudes.



Japanese Temple Geometry

Sangaku: The Mathematics of Traditional Japanese Votive Tablets

Sacred Mathematics


And lastly, should you find yourself struggling to tell the difference between a prime number and a polygon….
Math is Fun 
* This site is terrific for families and adults who have forgotten their way around math